About Us

Funeral Plans–Canada is your Preneed Marketing Company. We find the best funding products on the market and provide critical marketing tools to suit any business style. We are the largest independent preneed marketing company in Canada. We are the only preplanning organization to offer third party administrative support and deliver results driven marketing. Funeral Plans–Canada strives to provide the highest quality of customer service and dedicated account management to independent Funeral Providers.


Equitable Life of Canada® is proud to be one of Canada’s largest mutual life insurance companies. Because of their mutual structure, they can focus on the long-term, offering both continuity and stability. They are dedicated to meeting all of their commitments – now and in the future. They take a conservative approach to risk, focusing on strategies that foster ongoing stability and long term growth for policy holders and for business partners.

Together, we are committed to strengthening preneed programs and building long term relationships with Funeral Providers all across Canada.