Funeral Plans-Canada was the first preneed company to provide strong community education seminar programs. Our seminar program remains distinct due to the “Remember When . . .” and “The Smart Choice” professional presentations. Our seminars help families fully understand the importance of being prepared. By taking people on a journey back through time, they are reminded of the meaning of their life, the impact they have had on others, and the importance of leaving a legacy and being remembered.


“Remember When . . .” and “The Smart Choice”

Instead of asking, “What do you want for your funeral?” our custom “Remember When . . .” and “Smart Choice” presentations ask families, “How do you want to be remembered?” and shift the focus from talking about death to cherishing the memories of your life. These enjoyable and less intimidating events give families the opportunity to have their questions answered while also inspiring them to record and share their life’s memories with the ones they love.

Both seminars reinforce traditional funeral values through discussion about the funeral as a place in time to come together to share memories. Funeral homes typically experience higher than average funeral values in pre-arrangements resulting from this program. Most importantly the presentation creates a non-selling atmosphere where attendees feel relaxed and you appear as the community educator.

Our seminar training includes:

  • Seminar strategy, organization and set-up
  • Seminar promotion, response tracking and staff education
  • Sample agendas, timelines and MC outlines
  • Public speaking skills
  • Presentation training
  • Seminar follow-up strategies

Everyone has a box of old photos in their home, and these memory-focused presentations encourage families to get their pictures out of boxes and into the hands and minds of their loved ones so the memories aren’t left behind.

With full-color invitations, families are invited to these presentations and also have the opportunity to receive valuable tools to guide them in recording their stories.

Families learn that sharing memories are an important part of the pre-planning process because when the time comes, their loved ones can spend more time sharing memories than dealing with the grueling aspects of planning a funeral.