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Our Story

With over 40 years of experience, $1 billion in pre-funded preneed policies and 275 partner funeral homes, preneed isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are. Our success is rooted in years of research, testing, and measuring to determine what works best for funeral homes and for families.

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Our Purpose

Funeral Plans-Canada is the largest independent preneed marketing company in Canada. We bring funeral homes the very BEST preneed financial products available on the market. Fully guaranteed growth rates for the life of the policy and plans your families can understand are our standards for the products we carry.

Our Partnership

When you partner with FPC, it truly is a partnership. We work together so that all of our programs reflect the unique brand and message of your funeral home. Our team brings extensive funeral service, insurance planning, administrative and preneed sales experience to deliver result driven marketing.

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When it comes to partnering with FPC, the proof is in the pudding. Join more than 250 funeral homes that have chosen FPC to deliver solutions that will help you soar above your competitor all while staying true to the values and integrity of your funeral home.

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